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Fiscardo Boat Rental

Kefalonia Boat Rental - How to / FAQ

It's easy, exciting but first of all safe! There is no need of any driving license.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide training on all equipment and give helpful and great tips on all the best places to visit along the Kefalonian coastline.


Here are the most common questions of our visitors:

Q: Do i need a driving license?
A: No, no driving license is required. Anyone can operate our boats according to European Law. The driver must be at least 21 though.

Q: I have a family, can i take my underage children with me? How safe is it?
A:  Yes, anyone can join the trip and all the boats have life jackets suitable for children and babies.  

Q: Can anyone do it?
A: Yes! Beginners take lessons in the boat and getting instructed of everything they'll need for their boat trip, alone!

Q: Will i manage?
A: With ease! Operating a small motor-boat is easy for complete beginners to master, as you are given advice and real time lessons on how to manoeuvre in no time.

Q: What if something happen?
A: We are always alert and ready to go with our own fast boat, if needed. Of course there is also a rescue boat moored in Fiscardo in case you need any help. Cell phone signal is always available, and if you don't have one, we can provide before you go.

Q: Where can we go? What can we do onboard?
A: When you hire a motor-boat you are free to choose the secluded coves that you like.
All customers are supplied with instructions and a map showing areas to visit within 3 nautical miles of Fiscardo.